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Forum Rules

posted Mar 18, 2011 22:24:44 by riggsjesse
Please abide by our iTech Forum rules:

1. No rude or mean behavior.
Nobody likes being bullied in real life. Don't do it online.

2. No inappropriate words or phrases.
iTech is a school-related group and we don't want to have to ban anyone from our forum.

3. Make suggestions and comments!
We L0VE to hear your feedback! Without your help, there wouldn't be iTech!

4. Don't make others feel uncomfortable.
Have you ever been a new student at a different school, and you feel nervous? Don't let that happen to anybody. Welcome them to the forum!

5. No gossip.
Don't do anything if you know it's wrong. Any gossip about anyone could get you bumped off the forum. Don't let that happen.

6. HAVE FUN!!!
Post anything you want about iTech in our specified categories in the home page of the forum.
Jesse Riggs
iTech Co-Owner
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